Monday, December 23, 2013

Side quest: Vegan Comida - Hummus & Soyrizo Quesadilla

Just like collecting pets in WoW or selling Happy Masks as Link, I have a personal IRL (in real life) side quest: Plant-Based Whole Food Mexican meals. 

My first accomplishment (foodie husband approved!) is the spicy hummus-soyrizo quesadilla. The idea came from the blog Love My Vegan Life, who has an excellent recipe. I made a few, spicy, time saving modifications. 



Thick corn tortillas
Red pepper hummus
Vegan soyrizo
Diced red tomatoes w/ green chillies 
Chopped Green Onions
Vegan Butter


Butter each side of 2 tortillas. On a warmed skillet or griddle, brown one side of each tortilla for just about a minute (till lightly brown). Remove both from heat. Spread the hummus onto a cooked side of one tortilla. Layer the soyrizo, tomatoes, chillies and onions on top. Place the cooked side of the other tortilla onto the quesadilla half. Lower the heat and cook the fully assembled quesadilla on each side until desired brownness is obtained. Enjoy!

P.S. Make it a quick dinner by generously assembling the quesadilla and serving it with vegans refried beans dressed with cilantro. 

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